Finding the best masturbator for you is like buying any sex toy

Pubblicato il 7 Novembre 2016

Finding the best masturbator for you is like buying any sex toy: it depends heavily on your unique body and tastes. While this can create an annoyingly blonde shopping environment, finding a masturbator that meets all your needs is well worth the effort. Whether you’re looking for a bundle of sex products for your first time, or a bundle of sex products to suit your needs, there are plenty of options to choose from.

To help you decide which bondage sex to choose, we’ve gathered suggestions from reviewers’ favorites, sex educators, and people who actually use them. Before we dive into the products themselves, here’s what you need to know about bondage products and how to find the right one for you.

What to look for in your masturbator
When buying a strap-on, you’ll usually be buying two things: a sling and a dildo. You will often find beginner kits that include both of these things to simplify the buying process, which can be excellent and affordable starter options. On the other hand, choosing harnesses and dildos separately may mean matching what works best for your preferences, as there are several factors to consider with each.

In this article, we’ve included both the combo kit and the separate harnesses. (Dildos are an entirely separate article, but fortunately many sex stores will offer dildo matching suggestions for your harness, so I promise I won’t let you down completely.)

According to Sex With Ashley founder and host, sex toy critic Ashley Cobb, harnesses usually come in three main styles: jockstrap, thong and lingerie.” A [jockstrap] looks like a classic jockstrap with straps around the waist and on each butt cheek,” she told SELF. “A thong [has] straps around the waist, and between the legs and between the butt cheeks. The panties look like a pair of briefs or boxers.” There are also less common styles, such as thigh, chin or breast slings; halter-style slings; or strapless slings, which don’t require a halter at all.

The style of straps usually determines the type of sizing available; adjustable straps for garters and thongs are usually available in one or two sizes to fit a variety of body types, while underwire straps are sized like similar clothing. If you plan to share your harness with your partner or want the option to adjust to your fluctuating body type, then adjustable harnesses may be a better choice.

Comfort and ease of use
Choosing a harness style is all about comfort and stability when wearing and using it. these two factors can go hand in hand or affect each other, depending on the quality or type of harness you have. cobb says that two-strap styles tend to be much more stable than single-strap thongs, which may make it easier for beginners to control.

Comfort is a little more individualized. For example, some people find strappy suspenders uncomfortable and prefer suspenders that feel more like underwear, while others find underwear-style suspenders restrictive and difficult to use. Certain styles may also cause chafing, depending on the fit of your specific body. cobb also recommends looking at how low the harness sits on you.” Will it press uncomfortably against your pubic bone?” She says.” You don’t want you or your partner to feel pain when you use the harness.”

You should also consider the material, not only for comfort, but for ease of cleaning and sharing, if that’s what you plan to do.” Seat belts can be leather or fabric,” Cobb says.” Leather tends to be stronger. However, it’s a porous material and isn’t meant to be shared because you can’t sterilize it. Fabric or nylon harnesses are quite comfortable, washable and can be used for multiple partners.”

Fabric is obviously a broad category, so check the specific material to make sure it suits you and your tastes (personally, I can’t use nylon harnesses without feeling like I’m strapped into my childhood JanSport backpack, so ……) . And just like any underwear, some fabrics are more breathable or better for moisture than others.

Dildo Compatibility
Finally, you’ll want to look at what’s called an O-ring – the ring into which you insert your dildo. You want it to be the correct size for whatever size dildo you’re using, so check to make sure the diameters match. Some harnesses come with multiple O-rings of different sizes that you can swap out, while others have flexible O-rings that can stretch to accommodate a variety of dildos.

Beyond that, there are a few factors that may also affect your taste (like how the harness looks when worn, or the convenience of wearing or swapping out different dildos for a wider variety), but the above are solid starting points. With that in mind, here are some of the best strap-ons and harnesses to choose from.

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